The Brief

The name ‘Ovegano' is a play on languages. In Italian, “O vegano” means “Or vegan”, in Portuguese it means “The vegan” and in Czech, “o veg ano” means “oh vegetarian, yes”. The client needed a logo that would be able to convey the same easily. They wanted a logo that would be able to stand on its own, without needing a tagline to describe what it is.

THE branding

We help you provide a fully customised experience to the clients with a unique yet user-friendly branding. We add the human touch and feel so that the users associate your products with good times and memories. It goes a long way in building a fixed consumer base.

The colors


Banaue is a handwritten brush font for a homemade look. The name comes from Philippenes, Banaue is a place in the north. Rice terraces that stretch around mountains, and the rice they produce is only for the local use. The lady in the blue raincoat, that is featured in the main image, was a local rice planter. We felt this connected perfectly with Ovegano.

Happy Client

CueBlocks gave us a logo that does what we wanted perfectly. By cleverly using the fork on G, it keeps the logo readable while allows the eye to read the word “Ano” and that is also defined by the tagline placed right under it. We loved it on first sight! They did a great job!

David Jirman, Ovegano